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The government owns massive properties found in different forms. This does not only come in land and homes, but also in vehicles, personal effects and government departments excess items. With an excess of such things the government no longer has any use for these. It would rather turn these things into money that it can use for other purposes. The best way that this is done is through government liquidation auctions. Here are some typical things that you will find in most government help surplus auctions:


o Aircraft parts- basically anything and everything that has to do with making an aircraft run will be found here. Turbines, engines, gliders, flight instruments and many more.

o Boats and other marine equipment- here you will find a wide range of boats including big and small ones. Sometimes parts and extra items related to this like floating devices may also be sold here.

o Media equipment- miscellaneous things used for radio, televisions and videos are included here. Basically anything that is commonly used for communications whether on the radio or television will be sold here.

o Computers and office supplies- the government has numerous offices which often upgrade and change things. CPU’s, printers, monitors and even software can be part of the deal.

o Scrap metal- these will cover the different metals used in constructions and used in the different government departments. Coils, aluminum, copper and nickel are only some of the kinds of scrap metals sold.

o Trucks and vehicles- of course all the different cars, vans, trucks and rides that the government no longer uses are also sold. There are numerous types that you can choose from.

o Heavy equipment- the usual items used in constructions and mass work will be found included here. Cranes, backhoes and tractors are just some examples of these.

o Appliances- since many of the offices of government agencies are equipped with these things you can easily find air conditioners, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, and even coffee makers.

o Fitness Equipment-may also be included since many of those training in the service go through rigorous workouts. Steppers, stationary bikes, weights and treadmills are some things you might find.

o Furniture- here you will be able to find usual school and office furniture in the likes of desks, chairs and couches.

Aside from these there can be many other things included in government liquidation auctions so do check it out.

Being exposed to numerous auctions Jake Johnson has become an expert on the topic. He likes to share what he has learned about government liquidation auctions with others through his writing.


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