Police Auctions-Get Seized Property pennies on the Dollar

Police Auctions and Government Auctions







What makes Police Auctions so unique? It doesn’t matter whether you’re here to look at a police car auction, police equipment, bid, or just watch, there’s nothing like a live auction. It could be the thrill of beating out the competition, or even finding a police car auction that sells items below cost. Whatever the reason, police auctions are interesting even when simply watching.

Finding deals with an online police auction: There’s no doubt that getting the best deal possible usually comes from police auctions, especially online. Companies that have went out of business, foreclosures, bankruptcies, government auctions, etc. offer incredible savings on name brand items. Some items are even brand new, never used. Companies are forced to liquidate their inventory, and offering the auctions online is the best way to do it. Finding unique items at a police auction: On one particular online police auction, we found some items that were nothing less then bizarre. It was some type of police issued baton that had a weird look to it, that turned out to be worth a lot of money and the seller had no idea. They were simply cleaning out their basement by putting items in an online police auction.

Online Car Auction

Police Car Auction

Purchasing Cars From Police Car Auctions

If you are in need of a car but with a tight budget, you may want to try checking out the latest police car auctions. No, the cars up for grabs here are not laden with bullets or smashed windows. Contrary to what most people think, vehicles found in police car auctions are considered great rides, but you can get at affordable rates.

Police Impounded Cars

Cars impounded by the police, or the other agencies such as the highway patrol, FBI, sheriff, Border Patrol, and DEA as criminals’ seized properties are kept on government facilities. These vehicles are obtained through “seizure and surplus” laws, and the government wants to get rid of them as soon as possible. Since they practically got it for free, they are able to sell the vehicles to the highest bidder at very low prices. More often than not, they would want to dispose the vehicles since it just takes up space. Older models can be sold for as low as $1000.

There are several types of vehicles sold at police car auctions. Aside from cars, motorcycles, ATVs, trucks and even airplanes can be sold.

Auction Process

The auction taking place is the same as how the other vehicles are sold. You need to get in touch first with your local police department to find out when the next police car auction will be. Sometimes, notices are also posted on the newspapers so you can check that as well.

You can then find out what the requirements for registration are. Most potential bidders are asked to register for the auction prior to it taking place. At times, a small fee is also paid to qualify for bidding.

Check with the police department if they have a list of vehicles for auction. They may also allow you, if possible, to check any of the cars up for auction. Sometimes, the cars are auctioned online so checking the cars may not always be possible.

If you are going to do online bidding, check the website and inspect the specifications of the car you are looking to bid for. Check the make & model, as well as information available about the car.

Look for the car’s title as well — it is needed if you want to obtain insurance for your car. It will also let you do some research on the history of the vehicle.

The auction sites also provide information on how much the price of the car will more likely be. Take note of other amounts aside from the purchase price itself, such as sales tax, so that you have an idea on how much is the maximum amount that you will spend. The sites may also give details on what paperwork you are going to need if you have the winning bid.

A car loan can also help you bid confidently and afterwards close the sale.

Final Purchase

Don’t get carried away in bidding; you might end up paying more than you expected, thus defeating the purpose on why you are joining the auction in the first place — that is to save money, but being able to purchase a new car.


If you are looking for information on police car auctions just click on the link.

Government Liquidation Auctions – Why is Everything So Cheap?





Government liquidation-It probably won’t surprise you to find out that the US government has a lot of stuff it doesn’t want or need. Just imagine the amount of possessions with government confiscates from criminals every year. And plus, whenever a government department upgrades anything, there is a huge amount of left over goods that are no longer needed. All of these items just end up in huge warehouses. But there is a way you can get your hands on them at crazy low prices.

Government liquidation you can buy new, seized, and surplus merchandise and real estate from the government. Some items sold online by auction or fixed price. VISIT OFFICIAL SITE HERE 

When people first hear about opportunity to buy government liquidation surplus products, they usually want to know exactly what products they can get. The range will amaze you. A common one is vehicles. An expensive Mercedes was recently sold for only $1500. Not bad right? You can also find trucks, SUVs, tractors, motorbikes, you name it! This also extends into boats and boating equipment. And of course, from those government departments, there is a huge range of computers and other office equipment, including home appliances, air conditioning units, coffee makers, kitchen ware, fitness equipment, furniture (couches, tables, desks etc), everything is covered.

There are even small items like expensive watches, cameras, video cameras, TVs, stereo equipment, it would be very easy to kit your whole house out with all these items – you will have saved up to 90% off the retail price! So why are all these items so cheap you ask? Well, basically the reason is the government doesn’t care how much they get for them! They have to pay huge amounts to securely store all this stuff, and they just want it gone asap! They never intended to make a profit on these goods, which means you can pick them up for pennies on the dollar.

OK so where I find these amazing bargains? This is a secret that many experienced bargain hunters have been keeping for years, and what you need to attend is a government auction. Items start at incredibly low start prices (they just want the goods gone remember) and whoever bids the highest gets it, no matter what that price is. Pretty exciting right? Also can access from many online sites government auction property.



In the past government auctions have been hard to find, with only a lucky few knowing exactly how to find the best products at the best prices. But what has emerged now an online database of auctions that you can search through. All you need to do is enter your details (name, zip code etc), select which type of products you want to view, and you start reaping the rewards of saving up to 90% off standard prices! Click the image below to get discount government liquidation merchandise now!

America's #1 Trusted Source to Gov't Car Auctions

How to Find Government Auctions


Does the government really provide auctions for things such as cars, trucks, computers, real estate?


I decided to do some online checking to see what is available as far as government auctions online. I first found USA.gov. This website is a product of the US Government ‘s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Department of Vetrans Affairs (VA).

There was a lot of information worth reading on the site regarding real estate bargains through HUD and VA. The website led off to other websites such as OCWEN which handled the property auctions of Real Estate Owned (REO) listings. REO listings are basically foreclosures in bank terminology. For one reason or another they believe that the word ‘foreclosure’ has a negative connotation and it would be best to use the words Real Estate Owned Listing even though most people know these properties as Foreclosures.


Another source for GOVERNMENT AUCTIONS is  real estate government homes are websites such as ForeclosureFreeSearch.com. They aggregate government listings and also purchase local list foreclosure lists from counties throughout the US. They let you search for properties under foreclosure, bankruptcy, pre foreclosure without having to pay for their service. I found that they had all of the government listings from OCWEN and HUD on their website along with a lot of others. This can be a time saver just using the free search on their site.

I also found the USA.gov provided General Merchandise Online Auctions. Some of the computers and jewelry on the sites looked pretty interesting. I am going to bid on a few to see if I can really get some good items for pennies on the dollar. The websites clearly states that you should make an appointment to see the property before bidding. This cannot be the case for me since most of the items I was viewing was from Dallas, TX. I live nowhere near Dallas and I am not planning on visiting Dallas for a $25 computer bid.


Good luck searching through these Government Auction Online listings. There are some apparent good deals out there. I am going to start trying this for jewelry instead of using eBay for now. Wish me luck.  Check out the Official website for GOV-AUCTIONS.ORG

Government Liquidation Auctions – What to Buy



The government owns massive properties found in different forms. This does not only come in land and homes, but also in vehicles, personal effects and government departments excess items. With an excess of such things the government no longer has any use for these. It would rather turn these things into money that it can use for other purposes. The best way that this is done is through government liquidation auctions. Here are some typical things that you will find in most government help surplus auctions:


o Aircraft parts- basically anything and everything that has to do with making an aircraft run will be found here. Turbines, engines, gliders, flight instruments and many more.

o Boats and other marine equipment- here you will find a wide range of boats including big and small ones. Sometimes parts and extra items related to this like floating devices may also be sold here.

o Media equipment- miscellaneous things used for radio, televisions and videos are included here. Basically anything that is commonly used for communications whether on the radio or television will be sold here.

o Computers and office supplies- the government has numerous offices which often upgrade and change things. CPU’s, printers, monitors and even software can be part of the deal.

o Scrap metal- these will cover the different metals used in constructions and used in the different government departments. Coils, aluminum, copper and nickel are only some of the kinds of scrap metals sold.

o Trucks and vehicles- of course all the different cars, vans, trucks and rides that the government no longer uses are also sold. There are numerous types that you can choose from.

o Heavy equipment- the usual items used in constructions and mass work will be found included here. Cranes, backhoes and tractors are just some examples of these.

o Appliances- since many of the offices of government agencies are equipped with these things you can easily find air conditioners, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, and even coffee makers.

o Fitness Equipment-may also be included since many of those training in the service go through rigorous workouts. Steppers, stationary bikes, weights and treadmills are some things you might find.

o Furniture- here you will be able to find usual school and office furniture in the likes of desks, chairs and couches.

Aside from these there can be many other things included in government liquidation auctions so do check it out.

Being exposed to numerous auctions Jake Johnson has become an expert on the topic. He likes to share what he has learned about government liquidation auctions with others through his writing.